Monday, March 30, 2009

FAIL Super-saturation!

I have never seen so much FAIL so tightly packed together!

honest: "Well Dave, evolution is not a fact, it is still a theory. Until you can take a money and watch it turn into a human that you can call it a fact. Just because a few skulls have been found that seem to support the theory of evolution doesnt mean that it actually occured. For all we know it could have been different species of primates now extinct. If evoulution did occur why is it still not taking place today? As for separation of church and state the original meaning meant by the founders of our great nation was that we would not have a government mandated religion such as if found in some countries in the middle east. They in no way wanted God to be removed from government. Have you ever noticed that Congress starts everyday with a prayer? You Dave are the one who needs some educating. Both evolution and creationalism are theories. To be a fact you need irrefutable evidence which neither has. My best advice for you is to ask God yourself when you get to the other side. Unless of course you are an athiest that your just out of luck arent you"

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  1. What can anyone say, the fail is so pervasive and total. It's gone beyond a heart felt desire to stand up for ones faith and into the realm of utter ignorance. Education wouldn't work with this kind of deluded mind, not without severely denting the faith, i.e. brainwashing, that rigidly contains it. Sometimes it just goes beyond humour and into despair.