Friday, March 20, 2009

Irreducibly FAIL...SQUARED!

Here's a double dose from a moron on Topix! Dor sho gha!

HEY MIDDLE AMERICA: "these silly questions are nothing but a diversion from the fact that you can't refute the statement that darinism cannot explai the irreducibly complex systems that make up cells and as such by darwin's own words:

" if one could find an organ or structure that could not have been formed by "numerous, successive, slight modifications," his "theory would absolutely break down" (Darwin 1859, 191).

and irreducibly complex systems are indeed a structure

so take up the challenge because so far nobody has ever produced a paper published in the jme that details how such complex systems were built using a darwinian framework"

HEY MIDDLE AMERICA: "that's not how it works...because the fable of evolution has stated that evolution of such irreducibly complex systems must occur for the theory to be valid it is up to the proponents of said fable to produce the needed proof to back it up...the mistake you and your ilk made was to prematurely declare evolution fact when it was never really proven in the first place"

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  1. Irreducible complexity was defeated at the Kitzmiller case in Dover, PA, along with ID in general. PBS did a very good expose of the entire case including irreducible complexity which you can watch here.