Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The left side of my body is numb and I smell burnt toast

Renuo Fides: "The general hypothesis of ID CAN be tested by the scientific method - although not as it pertains to "naturally" occurring life forms."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just nO RLY?

marksman11: "Ok and there are no rings around Saturn either. Study the firmament from people who have. Learn grasshopper, learn! Ever heard of those HUGE drawings in South America? A hummingbird, insect, etc.....How do you think they drew them? The book of JOB which is the oldest book of the bible says the morning stars sang to JOB. What causes a radio to recieve? It's crystals. What would this firmament be made of? Crystaline. Do the stars put out cosmic vibrations? Absolutely. So what would have happened when these vibrations hit the crystaline firmament? That's right, the morning stars sang to JOB."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

O RLY? - Life forms edition

John Q. Public: "I interrupted after the professor told us that carbon based life was all that there was. I told him about sulphur based life forms discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, thier proximity to hydrogen sulfied rich natural gas vents on the sea floor and described the tubes these lifeforms looked like. I also insisted this all took place with no light."
(The rest of his rant is as insightful as this snippet is!)

Back to our regularly scheduled FAIL!

Rick: "Parting the Red Sea doesn't fit too well into your scientific models of gravity, surface tension, etc."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Intelligent Design...OWNED.

To paraphrase the context for this post, it was found recently in a rather drab "teach both sides/academic freedom/no science should be excluded" post regarding evolution/ID. The following was a response to intelligent design and 'I'm saying "no Scientific studies should be excluded "'.

Nuggin: "And we're saying "No scientific studies have ever been excluded." The problem here is that what you consider a "scientific study" the rest of the world considers "a letter to the editor". Science is rigorous. It has standards. If you don't achieve those standards you aren't doing science."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Take me out to the FAIL game...

Robert Stevens: "I want to ad the most annoying thing about Atheist is they give The Christians too much of the soap box. The Atheist are like The Red Sox and they believe they could make a deal with The Yankees that in August of 2009 they'll play a 7 games series , and that'll be The World Series. It's a bizarre combination of disrespect and enjoying arguing with them the most. Again no one has the right to boycott any groups scientific studies , I could see debating on what school level should a science be studied or pre-requirements. As a New Ager I like ID with a pre-requirement of evolution studies , from their you have support , counter or completly disregard evolution options. In a University setting disagreeing with you professor does not equal failure. With responcible review boards this coarse could be "The Next big thing." See it'll happen anyway , you're just slowing science down , and possible your very own agenda. You could have your Ausust "World Series" but MLB will archieve The World Series as it happens in October & possible part of November."

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dr. Lee Spetner: "Finally, the example of mutations in the B cells of the immune system carries no weight as an example of a mutation that adds information. Although these mutations do add information to the B-cell genome, they cannot be applied to evolution for the reasons I laid out above."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hooray for fail!

Robert Stevens: "Make it perfectly clear. Proving ID does not diprove Evolution. It may not even prove God. All it could prove is Extra Terrestrial. God would be E.T unless he stays in the ocean. Let's face it you guys fear ID just like religious zealots once feared you. Just imagine in the 22nd century or so ID crowd will be attempting to silence a more advanced alternative.

And it is fundalmentelism that hold you guys back from seeking alternatives. Face it your science is a slug in the scentific community. Let's watch the cat family and see when they develope wind gliding abilities. Yeah you might get that in 200 years. You should be excited to see something new. Face it you're not into science. You're fanatics."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cannot...Unsee...THE AGONY!!!

Holy running fuck, I don't even know what to say about this one!

Robert Stevens: "It's the other way around. Mysticism came first , and scientific method falls under mysticism , and I believe the comments being posted here by Atheist prove my point. Mysticism falls mainly under the science of Charisma. One part of Mysticism is the art of having others believe what I say. The Atheist here live in such a small box. You guys are not interested in science. You're interested in retarding science. Excluding parts of the tree. For the most part , your greatest scientific conversation could be which generation of people stop getting wisdom teeth or stop growing pinkies. Then there's alot of you can't prove that , he should not be aloud to say this. Maybe there are a few topics you like. I would guess stem cell research , ocean life and of cource animal breeding."