Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Take me out to the FAIL game...

Robert Stevens: "I want to ad the most annoying thing about Atheist is they give The Christians too much of the soap box. The Atheist are like The Red Sox and they believe they could make a deal with The Yankees that in August of 2009 they'll play a 7 games series , and that'll be The World Series. It's a bizarre combination of disrespect and enjoying arguing with them the most. Again no one has the right to boycott any groups scientific studies , I could see debating on what school level should a science be studied or pre-requirements. As a New Ager I like ID with a pre-requirement of evolution studies , from their you have support , counter or completly disregard evolution options. In a University setting disagreeing with you professor does not equal failure. With responcible review boards this coarse could be "The Next big thing." See it'll happen anyway , you're just slowing science down , and possible your very own agenda. You could have your Ausust "World Series" but MLB will archieve The World Series as it happens in October & possible part of November."

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  1. hahahahha really funny picture, I cannot image the pain after that hit, omg poor guy hahahah