Thursday, January 29, 2009

Logic Fail

(In response to Evolution being taught in public schools...)


simply me:

"Well, yes. The seculars want us to fund abortion. Many Christian families homeschool their children, which is beginning to impact the funding of public schools. It should be a state to state issue. Hey you know nothing about far as lazy, you are way off base there:) My Children are not in the public school system. I am a teacher in one. Vouchers? yes they will be implemented, but at the cost of the public schools...still not every child will be able to supplement the difference in tuition and the children who cannot will be left in public schools with less funding."


"What does this have to do with teaching religion in science class?

Are Hitler references next on your list? "


Absolutely nothing, but it is a normal defense to a controversial question. And I am right.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



" - by your own use of the term - you confirm it is a theory. Science has very few facts as such - other than data. Biology has many theories but almost no laws or "facts". "

That's not how science works.


"Thats kind of a double standard is'nt it? Requiring proof and information (which science has in spades) while you yourself present none. There is more evidence of events in the Bible happening than anything in science because science is mostly just observations and theories that we think may be true. Scientific laws are the only things that can be proven, theories are simply there to conjure up an explanation."

May the Fail be with you

"Well, with a hologram, everything that happens within one area of a hologram affects other parts of the hologram.....there is thus a "non-locality" there. Within a hologram, all of the tiny parts, though part of the whole, actually have the whole in them. as far as DNA goes, information creates fractals -- waves of potential....your dna is actually a destabilized system, ready to move, all-for-one, one-for-all....with destablization within the genome, there is a capability self-organization upon shifts in consciousness, which can create complexity out of chaos....You can read more about DNA and holograms here:"


I have the biggest man-crush on Fossil Bob, and I am not even ashamed to admit it.

Fossil Bob (in response to Jimmy Boy inanity):

"I suppose that, ever since someone told you about automobile horsepower, you've been wondering how we keep all those horses fed..."

He stuck the landing, folks! THAT'S A BURN!


Good ol' Jimmy boy, again:
"Theory--most all that speak here seem to agree that our moon was caused by a chunk of space debris that impacted earth. So tell us, why is the moons body in a spherical shape? Why is it that the earth and moon could not have been formed at the same time and in the same way? Common sense dictates that all the bodies in space are just differing amounts of the same debris. Why is it that there are moons orbiting planets and stars all through-out our universe and they all seem sphryical and yet, I can't recall one moon looking like it is just a chunk of rock that has been blaster away from the planet it orbits? Has any scientist observed a piece of a planet being blown-out by a collision and seen the chunk become a moon--with its spherical shape intact?"

ASE called, you fail.

Jim Ryan:

"Consider the core, the mantle and the crust. How many underground rivers can science plot, as to their exact route? I sure hope scientists consider radiant heating and cooling? As the heat from the core rises, surely the underground rivers and such pull heat away from the surrounding rocks, as a radiator cools an auto. If not, it's possible that the heat would keep building until the earth litterally cooked. However, it's likely the oceans and such draw away heat as well. If rocks don't have ways of cooling, they retain that heat. The core must shed the heat."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hulk fail :[

Infinite Force:

"We have wisdom tooth because we use/used them to crack hard objects, and chew hard foods in the past/present. When I crack a wall-nut with my teeth I use my back molars because leverage back there is stronger then the front teeth If you disagree then try cracking a wall-nut with your front teeth. The only reason we use them less now has nothing to do with evolution. It’s because we don’t use them as much because we SUBSTITUTE the cracking of hard objects with MAN-MADE TOOLS instead of our teeth.

Ask any body builder and they will tell you when they use their muscles a lot their bones get’s larger. When our ancestors use their teeth to break, sharpen and eat tougher foods they used the muscles and because of this their muscles, wisdom teeth and jaws got bigger. The less we used them the jaws got smaller just like the less a body builder life weights his/her bones get’s smaller."

O noes! TV getz u!


"I have tried plugging in a microphone into a speaker socket and it works as a speaker. I have tried plugging a speaker into a microphone socket and it works as a microphone. I'm pretty sure that their plan is to watch us through our tv and maybe even tell us what to do. With an RFID chip installed in our bodies required to buy and sell they can just turn it off. The ultimate form of slavery and control."

It has to start somewhere...

In my online travels, I come across travesties of scientific injustice. People that watch too much tv and read too little often find themselves proclaiming scientific evidence that will shake the foundations of modern understanding. However, it is always bullcrap of the highest magnitude. I am not going to sit here and do point by points, I am just going to post the ignorance in all of it's glory.

I present simply, "Science Fail". Actual living, breathing people posted the nonsense I will present, and expected others to take it seriously.

Jim Ryan:

"--as the water builds behind a dam several hundred miles long, almost 4,000 feet wide and somne 175 meters deep, magma from the earths core must move in an opposing direction to compensate, and as it moves, it will cause the magnetic field to shift more--as the magma is forced in an opposing manner--outside the core of the planet, or so I believe--as one thing affects another--which affects another and so on."