Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hulk fail :[

Infinite Force:

"We have wisdom tooth because we use/used them to crack hard objects, and chew hard foods in the past/present. When I crack a wall-nut with my teeth I use my back molars because leverage back there is stronger then the front teeth If you disagree then try cracking a wall-nut with your front teeth. The only reason we use them less now has nothing to do with evolution. It’s because we don’t use them as much because we SUBSTITUTE the cracking of hard objects with MAN-MADE TOOLS instead of our teeth.

Ask any body builder and they will tell you when they use their muscles a lot their bones get’s larger. When our ancestors use their teeth to break, sharpen and eat tougher foods they used the muscles and because of this their muscles, wisdom teeth and jaws got bigger. The less we used them the jaws got smaller just like the less a body builder life weights his/her bones get’s smaller."

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