Friday, March 20, 2009


HEY MIDDLE AMERICA (again...): "so do you think that the accepted big bang theory was sounds just like the biblical accounts of creation"


  1. So then you have no problem with the big bang which is based on decades of observation of the stars.

  2. I've just read the thread on Topix up to the 92nd and latest post and the creationist side has so far failed miserably against the science and logic of the evolutionist side. Any bets that the next step will be for the fundamentalist philosophical debaters to involve themselves and try and turn the thread in to a 'white is really black' style debate. Which usually involves the old canard of 'atheism is really a religion' making yet another appearance.

    They do this not only because they know some philosophy and use that knowledge to defend their fundamentalism by attacking atheism but also to hone their debating skills against unbelievers. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I'm just saying is all. Just making a prediction of how these threads often evolve.

    But really, it is just the tired and ongoing fundie word redefinition project in action again. Such a debating style serves not only as misdirection from the main thrust of the arguement but is richly expressive to the egotistical and humourless quibbler.

  3. The universe has always existed, it has no beginning or no end, it is pure energy as everything we see irradiates to the space vacuum, making the vacuum not empty as they tell us but full of energy, energy that continues the process of creation.