Monday, February 23, 2009

This is a fail that needs to die.

I see this argument from ignorant fucktards more than I care to say. It needs to die.

Sir Lucario: "Well "logically", according to the rabid religion-haters' little theory of evolution, gays would have been weeded out by natural selection. If they are born the way they are, and they can't "get it up" in the presence of a woman, then they cannot procreate."


  1. What a fucking deluded twat. Not only does this turd fail at science this turd fails at life itself. There's no fucking god. Why the fuck do these pricks hide behind their egos? Look folks, you got it wrong. Now just shut the fuck up and stop trying to convert people into your bullshit faith. Its fucking 2009 for fucks sake.

  2. What a dildo. If that was the case then Retards, Cripples & helpless elderly would all be dead as well. HUMANS rose above that asshole. BTW, if keeping Gays around is "God's Plan" then quit bitching about them Sir Fucktard.