Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Much Science Fail Can YOU Fit In One Post?

Gomenasai: "as far as walking through walls, I believe the Lord Jesus's glorified body literally oscillates at a very high frequency. A rough comparison could be how visible light (in the electromagnetic spectrum) operates at a lower frequency than x-rays or gamma rays and cannot pass through a solid wall like the other 2 (although I realize radio does, faster doesnt necesarily facilitate this atribute, rather, a the "right" frequency to accomplish this. Its said though that love and happieness constitute higher vibrational states in us, not nearly what im talking about tho with Jesus) Could be wrong but the Lord certainly has made a reallly strange universe and frequency is one of the weirdest (and perhaps most prevalent, as I heard someone mention everything being product of a strings vibration, per se)"

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