Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Steaming Pile of Fail

Because confirmable observations and generating experimental data are impossible for unique events like life's origin and macroevolution theory, world-famous evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr prompts evolutionists to construct historical narratives to try to explain evolutionary events or processes. In other words, stories are all evolutionists can muster to support macroevolution theory. If macroevolution theory, which must rest on faith in a story and is considered to be scientific, why not the creation story. With that in mind, it is no wonder the molecules-to-man debate has persisted for 150 years."


Now, even with as FAIL as that was, there was WIN in the comments section! QAPLAH!

tricoteuse: "I used to be the Op Ed of a community college newspaper. I wrote most of my editorials the night of layout, in about an hour. I still managed to be more accurate and well-informed, and present more (accurate and reliable) evidence and support for my positions than this sad little piece in a "real paper." COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Do they let just ANYONE write just ANYTHING these days? Do they even read this stuff before printing it? "Opinion" doesn't mean "load of unsupported bollocks I'm printing just because I can," at least not in any remotely respectable publication. (Again, we did better than this at COMMUNITY COLLEGE for pete's sake.) I don't really need to comment on the specific glaring examples of Epic Fail in this piece because most of the comments preceding mine have already done so beautifully. So I'll say no more. But seriously. EPIC fail."

Ladies and gentlemen, they felt that burn at the Alamo. Dor sho gha!


  1. I think that this website is an EPIC FAIL and so is tricoteuse. Raymond Kocot is a very smart man with many years of experience. He has done his research and knows what he is talking about. He knows more than this person that went to COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

  2. Harvard Professor of evolutionary biology, Ernst Mayr said, Darwin's molecule-to-man is not a legitimate, testable, science. It is a historical science. Therefore, evolution theory can only rest upon one's faith in a "historical narrative," a story made up by evolutionists. I say, just like the Creation Story. See Scientific American, July 2000, p. 80.

  3. Richard Dawkins is an Atheist that touts naturalistic evolution philosophy as fact and insists Creationists must check their brains at the church door. In the last section of the recent documentery Expelled (by Ben Stein), Professor Dawkins admits he has no idea how life originated. When pressed by Stein, Dawkins suggests life was seeded on Earth by a more intelligent civilization in Space.

  4. Ouchhh! What a poor guys, I not even want to think how many persons result injured in this event. You even can see helmets on the air. Ater the crush, too many of thosed bike are not going to be more than crap.