Thursday, May 21, 2009

So few much FAIL.

In response to science recently uncovering an interesting and unique fossil, Darwinius masillae, glass bottom boat enthusiast Josh Greenberger decided to get all retarded over at Topix about the situation.

However, nothing on this planet could defeat the FAIL power of this one little gem:

Josh Greenberger: "One fossil is NOT evidence."


Dor sho gha! I should have known better than to underestimate the power of fundies, peep this beaut!!!

GBCE: "fucking atheist scientists, if i had found that fossil, i would have destroyed it. why can't you leave christians alone with your bullshit theory of nothing?"

Guy'cha!!! BONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. aiyiyai!

    > "One fossil is not evidence."

    Are two fossils evidence? There are a lot of them you know.

    > "... if i had found that fossil, i would have destroyed it."

    I don't beleive this guy is for real ... does that mean it's OK to destroy him too?

    These guys set the bar pretty low.

  2. @DH: I'd like to tip you to some more nonsense from Josh Greenberger, so delete this comment if you like. It seems he has a book as well.

    http:// www . . html

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  4. Josh Greenberger - New York Post - May 26, 2009
    "The fossil Ida is being used by scientists as an assault on a gullible public.

    "One fossil does not represent a transitional species, any more than the remains of a two- headed snake represents a transition of snakes from one head to two heads. They're simply abortions of nature.

    "You'd need more than one fossil to represent a species, and you'd need many transitional aberrations that couldn't survive to show an evolutionary process was going on.

    "Ida represents the fanciful speculations of a scientific community determined to publicize its biased agenda."

  5. Several years ago evolutionists themselves unwittingly made it very clear that there's little evidence in the fossil record to support evolution. When the fossil "Ida," supposedly a link between two species, was revealed in 2009, spawning a book and a TV documentary, it was supposed to "revolutionize the understanding of human evolution," according to a New York Times article.

    Why such euphoria over one fossil when evolution had already, allegedly, been "proven" thousands of times by the fossil record? Are there books or documentaries about the ten thousandth time Mars or Alpha Centauri was "discovered?"

    The ceremonious atmosphere around Ida was an unwitting declaration that no prior findings conclusively proved evolution. And, in the end, Ida was determined by scientists to be a completely different species and not a link between the two species they had thought.

    Furthermore, the fossil record, I believe, actually proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Darwinian evolution never happened. What's missing in the fossil record is the chaos that random events inevitably produce, even if they can produce some benefit. Where are all the cows with six legs, birds with one wing, crocodiles with no teeth, etc., that didn't survive? The fossil record by and large shows well-formed, functioning organisms. There's no sign of survival of the fittest -- they were all fit! It seems nature got all the species right the first time. That's not evolution. That's intelligent design.