Monday, May 4, 2009

King of FAIL

If T Rex is King of the Dinosaurs, girasas (and their prophet, Brenda) are the Kings of FAIL!

brenda6: "If you analyze what data we do have, you will see that someone (Jesus Christ, in particular) was an example of what happens to a human being when the girasas descend and begin to live in them. Since Jesus Christ was killed, am I to assume that humanity would reject an invader of this sort? Let's say we could open the Congress to the actions of this kingdom upon just the people here in America. Let's say that Congress votes that we desire this experience and that those who are capable of sharing it and promulgating it and expanding it to others are rewarded by our government because our government has decided that this is a favorable activity to be involved in. Now how does the rest of the world react? How do our citizens who don't want it to happen to them react? Would it result in wars? Would there be inferiority complexes? Would you as a human actively seek this experience over other experiences that are available to us in life? Or do we have to fall victim to this kingdom and do we only allow it to happen when there is no choice or foreseeable way to be excluded? Instead of accepting it and making the best of it, will people become militant and elect to eliminate it from the earth? Will there be a battle for the earth between humans and girasas and will humans die for harboring this kingdom within them? Also, some people may have trouble in the event of change. Would it drive anyone crazy if their government and peers attempted to consider the opportunities given to us by girasas over the opportunity to live autonomous?"

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